New Posters in the Dining Room

One of our baristas, Lydia Ekeroth has started a new graphic design business ( with her brother and I asked her if she would take on the job of designing us some posters so that we can show our customers how we make our gelato and how it is different from ice cream. I wanted to highlight that fact that we make our gelato daily using products from local farmers and vendors. I’m really happy with how they turned out.

How to Make Gelato



Here we go…

It’s official, Jake and I signed the lease today. Construction starts tomorrow. I still can’t believe this dream is actually coming true.

It’s certainly going to be a challenge to start a new business while raising our 15 month old son Levi. I’m determined to try and keep a “normal” schedule for him and spend mornings with him and put him to bed at night. I’m sure our “plan” will change over and over as we learn what life is like as small business owners and new parents.

I hope to share stories from our journey here, on this blog, as a resource for others looking to start a family business of their own.

Time to get to work!