Grand Opening – Saturday, March 24!

It’s the last big push before our Grand Opening this weekend and we are all (including my parents) working like crazy to get ready. Backsplash, lighting, cleaning, final health inspection, furniture, and a last little bit of decor are all that’s needed to get the place ready. Then we have just a bit more testing and training to get done before Saturday. I really can’t believe we’re opening this weekend!

Levi has been such a trooper. He started preschool and although he’s always upset when we leave him in the mornings, every time I pick him up, he’s having so much fun and it take him a while to realize I’m even there. Then he lights up and runs to me. Wow, that’s a good feeling. They must do a lot of dancing at preschool because Levi’s now a dancing ‘fool’ anytime there’s music on. So cute!

My parents are also taking really good care of us. They cook dinner for us often, fold my laundry and take care of Levi any chance they can get. Dad made the cutest kids area where Levi and other little ones can play while at the gelateria. It’s the best because they always bring him by the shop for a little visit so I get to play with him for little breaks during the day.

I feel really lucky to have such great friends and contractors to work with. They really took care of me. I would recommend these guys all day long! They do great work and are amazingly honest and empathetic. I truly feel like I worked with the best guys available.

Woodwork/Drywall/Project Management/Our HERO! – Sam Pulvers (of Distinction Gallery) and his assistant Ira
Architect РGreg Danskin 
Concrete Floors – Mark Chavis
Tile Work – Greg Painter
Signage – Scott, owner of Sign Concepts
Plumber – Larry, owner of Pomerado Plumbing
Electrical – Sam Anguiano
Design  РThank you Heather from Design Moe for all my annoying questions!

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